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Handmade Leather IWB Holster
Concealment and Comfort

When looking for an in the waistband IWB holster for concealment carry you're going to be concerned not only with concealing but with comfort. If it's not comfortable you won't use it.

It's hard to beat leather's natural qualities for a comfortable IWB holster and the 415 IWB Holster by Stoner Holsters is designed for maximum concealment and comfort. This IWB holster also provides a "bodyshield" which keeps the gun from your skin for added comfort. An IWB holster you'll wear!

Each Stoner 415 IWB Holster is custom fit to your gun's make, model, and barrel length.
The Stoner Handmade Leather IWB (In the Wasitband) Holster will allow you to get a combat grip on your gun, while providing enough retention to keep your gun firmly holstered until you are ready to use it.

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 Handmade Leather Holster
Reviews ~ Testimonials


If you want an IWB holster, this is probably the best choice available. Excellent quality of leather, and obvious pride in construction. The leather is just the right thickness to balance durability and concealment. Requires a minimal amount of "break-in". After 50 practice draws, it's completely broken in. ...And then the most important factor --

Comfort: Outstanding.

Awesome Holster!!

My Stoner brand that Brian sold me at a local gun show does great for mid section and shoulder carry but I found I need just a little more weight support when carrying around the waist. This is the one! I stopped in the store one afternoon and met Brian (great guy) who had been helping me via email with options. I tried the IWB 415 and was instantly amazed at it's feel. Highly recommend the tuckable if you wear business shirts or business casual attire. It arrived one week earlier than they planned on shipping it! Excellent quality and craftsmanship. The belt clip is very solid and works great. The tuckable flap is very easy to use. I loaded the inside and outside up with their Beeswax, let the gun take it's natural shape in it over a few days and absolutely love it. The body shield extension is very very comfortable...even without an undershirt. Definitely will be ordering one of these for my wife also. Top notch people, top notch quality!!!


Dropped in their store today and bought this holster for my Glock 26. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Upon examination, the holster is very well crafted and made of excellent leather. Being a new holster the gun fit very snug which is to be expected, but after using the beeswax conditioner on the inside and unholstering and reholstering it a couple hundred times while watching TV it loosened up nicely. The holster is very comfortable worn in the 2 o'clock, 3o'clock and 4o'clock position. Carrys the weight of the firearm well and is very concealable. The comfort tab is great keeping the top of the slide from digging into my flesh. Will purchase more of these in the future.

Stoner Custom Handmade Leather 415 IWB Holster Features:

  • Made from premium Veg-Tanned cow hide
  • Added leather Bodyshield for comfort and protection. Suitable for all day carry
  • Leather reinforcement around mouth of the holster to aid in reholstering
  • Combat Grip accessible while your gun is fully holstered
  • Custom made to each gun's make, model, and barrel length
  • Soft Molded for better Retention and superior looks
  • Attaches with a sturdy steel clip
  • Clip fits up to a 1 ¾” belt. (This clip works well with belts smaller than 1 ¾”)
  • Available in right or left handed designs
  • Available for Strong side, Cross draw, and Small of the back carry.
  • Proudly made in the USA
Stoner Handmade Leather IWB Concealment Holster
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The Stoner 415 Handmade Leather IWB Holster can be customizeed with four options making it "your" holster.:

1- 20° forward cant, crossdraw cant or Small of Back cant
2- Stainless Steel Reinforced Rim. Make reholstering easier.
3- Tuckable. Ability to tuck your shirt in.
4- Deep Concealment. The rim is sewn higher so the holster sits deeper; it will sit 1"- 1 1/2" lower than the standard. This makes it easier to conceal your weapon. Any holsters with the Deep Concealment option are custom orders and are non-returnable.
     Click Here to Customize Your IWB Holster Now